Why live in Lake Mary Florida?

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Thanks for reading this blog article – “Why live in Lake Mary Florida?”. Discom Realty is dedicated to providing only the best information about the communities we help to sell homes in. Discom Realty Inc has been selling real estate in Lake Mary Florida which is part of Seminole County for over 25 years. So enjoy learning about this unique city in Central Florida.

Why live in Lake Mary Florida?


Why live in Lake Mary Florida? Blog Article By Discom Realty

Why live in Lake Mary Florida?

Lake Mary is a suburban city that is located in the Greater Orlando metropolitan area in Seminole County, Florida, United States and is located in Central Florida.  Lake Mary Florida is located about 25 minutes north of downtown Orlando and is considered one of the more popular places to live. It is been voted #73 as one of the best places to live in the entire state of Florida.

Among other things, Lake Mary is known for its well-planned residential communities, excellent schools, prominent businesses including outstanding restaurants, and a variety of shopping opportunities. The crime rate in Lake Mary is one of the lowest in Florida thanks to our pro-active, community-based Police Department.

Why live in Lake Mary Florida?What is Lake Mary Florida like?

Sanford, one of Central Florida’s oldest incorporated cities is well-known for its brick-lined streets, towering oaks, elegant storefronts, and large, nineteenth-century Victorian homes. Picturesque First Street, the center of downtown Sanford, is a vibrant, enticing destination.

Does Lake Mary Florida have a lot of crime?

Lake Mary has an overall crime rate of 13 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Lake Mary is 1 in 78.

How far is Lake Mary Florida from Walt Disney World?

It is 29 miles. The driving distance between Lake Mary to Walt Disney World is 41.9 miles. It takes approximately 34 minutes to drive from Lake Mary to Orlando International Airport (OIA), which is 32.6 miles away. Yet, if you are able to find a flight at the Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), it is a 10-minute drive and 4.6 miles away.

How far is Lake Mary Florida from Orlando?

It is a quick drive that can actually be done without any stops. The drive time is 19 minutes and it is 19 miles from one city to the other. Of course, traffic is going to make a big difference in travel time, road closures and construction are popular in Central Florida so make sure you check for this before leaving your house.

How far is Lake Mary Florida from New Smyrna Beach?

It is 32.90 miles from Lake Mary to New Smryna Beach in the northeast direction and 39 miles by car, following Highway 44 going East. Taking I-4 is the fastest route from Lake Mary, FL to New Smyrna Beach, FL.

City of Lake Mary HistoryWhy live in Lake Mary Florida?

Lake Mary was named after Mary Sundell, the wife of Reverend J.F. Sundell, who settled on the northern shores of the lake. Lake Mary started as a village of two tiny settlements called Bent’s Station (located on the north shore of Crystal Lake) and Belle Fontaine. They were located along the South Florida Railroad which ran between Sanford and Orlando.

The area was an agricultural community and early settlers included lumbermen, turpentine workers, families from Fort Reed (Sanford) who had received land grants, and Swedish families, who were mainly orange growers. By the time the area became known as Lake Mary, it was developed by a tight-rope walker and chemist named Frank Evans, who settled in the area in 1882. The first Lake Mary Post Office was established in February 1887. Evans built the original Lake Mary Elementary School, along with many commercial buildings and new homes.

In 1923, he founded the Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Evans became a Seminole County Commissioner in 1926. The Lake Mary city hall building was created in 1946.

Although Lake Mary’s beginning dates back to the 1800s, the City did not incorporate itself until August 7, 1973. Lake Mary started as a village of two tiny settlements called Bent’s Station (to the west of the railroad tracks) and Belle Fontaine (to the east of the tracks).

Bent’s Station was named for its’ owner, John S. Bents who received a land grant from the government in the 1870s. The origin of the name Belle Fontaine has been lost to history. When the railroad wanted to have one mail stop in that area, the city fathers, Judge David Pulling and Dr. William H. Evans renamed Lake Mary.

Many other families contributed to the founding of what is now Lake Mary. The lake that gave the city its name was named after Mary Amelia Sundell, the wife of Rev. John F. Sundell, who settled on the lake’s northern shores. Reverend Sundell organized the Upsala Presbyterian Church in 1894 after emigrating from Uppsala Sweden. A. E. Sjoblom built the homes surrounding Crystal Lake, the Humphrys and Griffins were cattle and horse farmers. Miles Tanner deeded the land for the first school in Lake Mary in 1885. More information on these families and many others can be found by visiting the Museum.

The Lake Mary city hall building was created in 1946. Rated by Money magazine as the #4 best place to live in America in the August 2007 issue. It currently has a history museum in the Lake Mary Chamber of Commerce Building

What is Lake Mary’s Recent History?

The City of Lake Mary has never lost its focus on promoting a sense of community where people can live, work and play in a safe and friendly environment. That’s part of the reason Lake Mary is still one of the fastest-growing areas in Central Florida.

Located approximately 18 miles north of Orlando just off Interstate 4, the Lake Mary continues to be a choice location for high-tech businesses.

Lake Mary is known for its elegant hotels, prominent businesses including outstanding restaurants, and a variety of shopping opportunities.

The American Automobile Association, AAA, National Office is located in Lake Mary and is one of the largest business employers in the area. Also located in Lake Mary is the new Verizon Financial Center, Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems, and multiple other nationally known companies.

On a smaller scale, Scholastic Book Fairs, the book fair division of Scholastic Corporation, is headquartered in Lake Mary. In addition, the Orlando TV stations WTGL as well as WOFL and sister station WRBW (by way of Fox Television Stations) have studios located in Lake Mary.

All of these are visible along Interstate 4. Before Emmis Communications selling WKCF to Hearst-Argyle (now Hearst Television), WKCF’s studios were located in the studios that are now the studios of WTGL, before moving with now-sister station WESH in Winter Park.

Dixon Ticonderoga, one of the world’s largest producers of pencils and art supplies, has put its headquarters in Lake Mary. Accesso, an English technology firm involved in the leisure industry, has its North American headquarters in Lake Mary, employing 220 people locally as of 2018.

Does Lake Mary FL have any parks?

Yes, Parks and recreation options for its residents. Lake Mary boasts several large parks and open land, each serving several outdoor activities. Here is a list of city parks:

  • Central Park at Lake Mary City Hall

  • Lake Mary Sports Complex

  • Lake Mary Tennis Center

  • Trailblazer Park (Splash Pad)

  • Lake Mary Skate Park

  • Liberty Park

  • Trailhead Park at Rinehart Trail

  • Historic Lake Mary Cemetery

  • 2nd & Crystal Park

  • Estella Park

  • Sprucewood Park

  • Margaret Wesley Park

  • Kiddie Park

  • Country Club Basketball Court

What schools are available for children living in the City of Lake Mary Florida?Why live in Lake Mary Florida?

  • Heathrow Elementary School
  • Crystal Lake Elementary School
  • Lake Mary Elementary School
  • Middle Schools
  • Markham Woods Middle School
  • Greenwood Lakes Middle School
  • Lake Mary High School

What higher education opportunities are available for Lake Mary city residents?

  • Seminole State College
  • Southern Technical College
  • Stetson University
  • University of Central Florida (main campus)

What fun things are there available to do in Lake Mary Florida?

Lake Mary has Attractions for residents and visitors.Why live in Lake Mary Florida?

  1. Lake Mary Farmer’s Market
  2. AMStar 12 – Lake Mary
  3. Planet Obstacle
  4. Central Florida Paddleboarding
  5. Emil Buehler Planetarium
  6. Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park

Lake Mary has Golf Courses and Country Clubs too.

  1. Magnolia Plantation Golf Club
  2. Heathrow Country Club
  3. Timacuan Golf Club
  4. The Legacy Club
  5. Alaqua Country Club

Lake Mary has museum and art exhibits as well.Why live in Lake Mary Florida?

  1. Lake Mary Museum
  2. The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens (Art Exhibit)

Lake Mary has local business networking for professionals.

  1. Lake Mary Rotary Club
  2. Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  3. Lake Mary Toastmasters
  4. Lake Mary Woman’s Club

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