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Our agents are experienced professionals committed to helping you find more than a house, they want you to find just the right home. So, if you are relocating to our area, are a first-time buyer, or simply a neighbor wanting to upgrade please call one of our agents for friendly dedicated service and Discover our Commitment to our clients and our community.

Meet our Real Estate Team

Julian Demora III

Beth Dalton Justice

Do you want to sell your house and/or buy a new one? Talk to the ladies at Discom Realty!!

Beth Justice is just the best! She is always available to help answer any questions or show you a house. She walked us 1st time home buyers through the entire process!! Just the best experience!

Monica Crandall, Valued Customer - Google "5 Star" Review
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Some reasons why you should choose to work with us

Reason #1

Expert guidance

You want to work with someone (i.e. Discom Realty) who can understand the legalese, the numerous forms, and the regulations. Our real estate agents are immersed in this world and are up to date on best (and required) practices.

Reason #2

Local knowledge

Our real estate agent’s full time job is to be informed on the communities they live and work in. Which means Discom Realty’s agents will be able to better help you fulfill your wants and needs for a potential property transaction.

Reason #3

Negotiation expertise

Contract negotiations can be complicated. Our real estate agents are “your” advocate through this process. Discom Realty has been and will continue to be a sounding board for clients during tough transactions. We can help to smooth things over when you and the other party don’t see eye to eye.

Reason #4

Better market access

If you are needing one of our agents to help you buy a property, he or she will do all the footwork to find you… your dream home by making phone calls and tracking down other agents to close the deal for you.

Reason #5

Objective opinions

A REALTOR® offers an objective perspective and at Discom Realty – our Realtors are always interested in supplying our unbiased opinion when needed. We can help you to prioritize your home needs and set realistic expectations about your want list.

Reason #6

Financial protection

At Discom Realty, we follow a strict code of ethics. We are required to stay up to date on best practices, renew licenses regularly, and answer to local associations if anything goes awry during a transaction. Because you enter into a contract with us, we are legally bound to look out for your best interests, and we always will.

DISCOM REALTY has the experience and knowledge that assured my family the best house our money could buy and did.

They’re not just Realtors they are genuinely honest and kindhearted locals providing a service that deserves an A rating. Ms. Emerson was especially knowledgeable in handling our purchase from across the country… from CT.

David Tesla, Valued Customer - Google "5 Star" Review

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