What projects to do before you sell your home

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What projects to do before you sell your home?

What projects to do before you sell your home – thanks for reading the Discom Realty blog article. We wanted to discuss several important projects to think about before you start the process to sell your home. Doing these projects can really help you in the selling process of any property really. We are really happy you are taking the time to read this article – enjoy!

What Projects to do Before You Sell Your Home?

Tired of not having enough space? Is your family outgrowing your home? Are you ready to downsize? Maybe you are ready to make the transition to a new home? Can we ask a few more questions – yes probably but we will not.

Most home sellers who are considering selling their prized investment really want to get the top dollar. If so, you will need to think about your current property and what you need to do to get the best price possible. 

What projects to do before you sell your home.Renovations can be a great value booster.

So many homeowners do not want to spend a penny more to sell their home or think they look back in the 1970s or 1990s is still popular to today’s homebuyers. But the opposite is true – when you invest a few dollars into removing the 1970s wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint can go miles to getting a great sale price for your home.

The right changes appeal to buyers and help you make a great return on your investment. Discom Realty has several ideas that you might want to consider before selling. All these ideas are about doing renovations.

Give It A Fresh Paint Job | What Projects to do Before You Sell Your Home?

Adding a fresh new coat of paint is one of the most affordable renovations. It will add a fresh clean look to your home. Discom Realty has Realtors that can help you select colors if necessary. Plus, if you are looking to save money, you can even do it yourself.

We recommend that you consider uplifting colors, like taupe or soft teal, which can make a room look brighter. Remember that the more neutral the area, the easier it is for buyers to picture themselves living there. And you can start picturing yourself in your new condo or home too.

Countertops and Light Fixtures | What Projects to do Before You Sell Your Home?

If you want to make your home look new without undergoing a full remodel, updating the countertops and light fixtures can work wonders. Similar to paint colors, it is best to stick with simple styles.

What is the best countertop for your money?

  • Quartz.
  • Granite.
  • Soapstone.
  • Limestone.
  • Marble.
  • Laminate.
  • Solid Surfacing.
  • Recycled Glass.
  • Butcher Block.

Want to redo the countertops without having to replace them?

  • Add Tile on top of the Countertops.
  • Add A Coat of Paint on the Countertops.
  • Install Chalkboard over the Countertops.
  • Try Stone Spray Paint the Countertops.

Break-Even Remodel | What Projects to do Before You Sell Your Home?

Discom realty wants to share the two most important locations in the home. Did you know the kitchen and bathrooms are the most important parts of the house? It is true, interested buyers look most carefully and critically at these areas.

It may be worth considering a break-even remodel in these lived-in spaces. If the cabinets and floors are outdated, try low-cost upgrades such as new hardware and a fresh coat of paint to refresh those spaces. Updated hardware and a can of paint can really make those rooms look more modern.

Understanding Trends | What Projects to do Before You Sell Your Home?

Before deciding what renovations, you should make, consider the trends which might be the most desirable interior home design styles.

  • Think about ‘Bold’ paint colors.

You can consider selecting a wall (not every wall) to be painted with a bold wall color to make it stand out as a memorable area of the house. This is possible because the bold paint color has the ability to create a conscious connection between people and their favorite establishments.

For other walls, you want to be neutral color tones that will complement the bold wall color choice. That bold color choice may refresh the overall space while bringing a more modern feel to the room or space in the house.

  • Try A Grand Millennial Style with Traditional Comfort

Nostalgia is a form of comfort-centered traditional styles. These can be reminiscent of better days in the mind of the potential buyer. Think slipcovers, classic patterns, and prioritizing functionality. You do not have to sacrifice style for a space that’s cozy and comfortable.

Sometimes, having a space set up in a classic traditional style can help you bring people into the home with a positive vibe. So, take down the 40-year-old wallpaper and put in some wicker and needlepoint blankets with chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven to create that move-in-ready aesthetic. Thanks for reading this blog article about ‘What projects to do before you sell your home?’

  • Bring ‘Natural Materials’ into the House.

Ever think about adding natural materials to a space in your home, it is becoming a common trendy thing to do. Did you know that simple is actually anything but boring? Yes, it is by bringing nature into your space it will spice it up. Consider bringing in wood, greenery, or stone to increase the depth of the layers and texture into the room or space in the house.

Discom Realty has a few ideas for bringing Mother Nature into your home space.


Travertine tile is a popular choice for floors, countertops, backsplashes, and showers. Using natural stone tiles such as these will bring a beautiful look into your space. Travertine generally comes in a variety of unique patterns and colors. They are durable and easy to take care of as well.

Rustic Wood.

Wood is the obvious go-to when it comes to natural materials, whether it is pine, maple, cherry, or oak. A good piece of rustic wood brings a strong vibe to this space. It is available in plenty of colors too.


There is no denying the smooth comforting feeling when you sit on a leather sofa.  Leather furniture products can be found in many homes throughout the world, which add a level of luxury to the room.

Leather products are popular in homes and have been used for everything from sofas, to switch plate covers, to picture frames, leather adds an elegant touch to any decor scheme.


If you are going for a masculine look in the kitchen or maybe outside on the patio, then iron is your go-to material. This one material helps you achieve a strong, distinguished atmosphere. Remember that iron is a classic metal choice that works with any style of decor.

Seagrass and Seashells

Florida is where you live, so bring the ocean to liven up an area. So even if you live inland, most people travel to the beach on weekends or holidays therefore you can benefit from using seagrass in your design scheme.

Sisal and jute rugs are immensely popular in a variety of settings. Interior designers report that these items are much more durable than you would think! Seagrass comes in numerous colors and patterns, so they will always blend into the rest of your furnishings.

Did you know that plenty of delicate accessories are made of a seashell? It is the truth! They work particularly well in designs that focus on nautical elements and beach themes.


Stop and open the shades. No seriously stop and open your window curtains right now. It is okay we will wait for you to do this.

Did you notice that sunlight is one of the best natural decor accents you can add to your home? There is nothing like natural sunlight to brighten a space and make any room feel fresh during the day!

Do you a window with a terrible view? Do not worry, Discom Realty has Realtors that can offer tips in-person to help you. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our real estate team.

  • Light-toned wood

Avoid dark wood and bring some light wood to the house. As we mentioned earlier there are a lot of fans of rustic wood and yes it does come in much lighter tones. Plus, many people who also prefer a Scandinavian design style will be excited to walk into that area of the house.

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. Scandinavian design is part of the ‘modernism’ design movement. It is characterized by a focus on functionalism and simplicity. People who like this design prefer colors such as Forest Green; Burnt Orange; Pale Blue; Dusty Pink; Greys; and White, which complements light-toned wood.

A potential buyer will be thrilled to see the lighter-toned wood area which is in decluttered space. Remember that woodwork is found in everything from furniture to accessories, and it’s easy to find anywhere. Thanks for reading this blog article about ‘What projects to do before you sell your home?’


We have to discuss bamboo. It is the first wood most people think about when you say, ‘light-toned wood’. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural materials on the market because of its ability to grow quickly and abundantly too.

Having bamboo will make a great addition to any room. Whether it is in the form of window treatments or floors. Bamboo blinds can help keep the sun out and add an Asian influence on a home’s interior design ambiance. Plus, bamboo floors are extremely durable and breathtakingly gorgeous to look at.

So, when considering any improvements based on what is popular can help your house stand out to buyers — both online and in person. Preparing your home’s interior to sell is easier with an experienced professional in your corner.

Discom Realty has the skills, resources, and experience to help you. To learn more about value-adding renovations, or to start looking for a new property, get in touch with us today.

Exterior Design Ideas. | What projects to do before you sell your home.

So, we of course talked in detail about interior design but what about the exterior. How is the curb appeal? How do you want potential buyers to see your property from the street? Can the backyard area evoke a sense of spending time outdoors? Can they envision themselves gardening, grilling dinner on the patio, or taking dips in the pool?

No matter what your property has to offer if it looks unkept. It will hurt your ability to sell your place for top dollar. Remember however you and your family like to spend your free time is not relevant in the selling process because it is about creating a vision of how the next homeowner will want to spend their free time.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space. | What projects to do before you sell your home.

Ask yourself or you can one of the Realtors here at Discom Realty if your home’s exterior use some sprucing up. There is almost always something you can do to make your outdoor space more inviting and enjoyable. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Create an outdoor living area. Reimagine your patio with weatherproof furniture. Add a bright rug and some cozy blankets. Maybe you can take it a step further by putting up a projector screen for movie nights. 
  • Hang string lights. No, this is not just leaving up Christmas lights. This is thoughtfully hanging up inexpensive string lights to a specific outdoor area. They are easy to install. These string lights provide instant ambiance to a deck, pergola, or gazebo. Further, they can be attached along a fence corner to create that perfect evening outdoor nook. 
  • Install some stone pavers. Think about using pavers to design or add to an existing patio design. Pavers will make any space pop with style. You can pick something that matches your current outdoor aesthetic.
  • Build a porch swing. If you are the handy type, jump online to any DIYer site to build a porch swing. Get a few pieces of wood, some rope, and anchors to set up the perfect place to watch the sunset or sunrise. You can add cushions and pillows for an extra touch of comfort.
  • Mow the Lawn. Seriously, a well-maintained lawn will increase the potential buyer’s excitement to see the entire house. A well-kept lawn shows everyone visiting your house that you take care of your property.
  • Add plants and flowers. Well, you really cannot go wrong with greenery and yes, some outdoor plants may need to be removed. Replace them with bright flowers. Then take time to set up some hanging and potted flowers too. If you have a green thumb, consider growing a small garden in a sunny spot. If you are looking to add shade, plant a fast-growing tree to a spot that is barren looking. 

Here are a few flowers that grow well in Florida.

  • Pentas.
  • Evolvulus.
  • Coreopsis.
  • Gerbera.
  • Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia.
  • Blue Salvia.
  • Heuchera.
  • Purslane.

Here are a few trees that do well in Florida.

  • Hybrid Poplar.
  • Weeping Willow.
  • Quaking Aspen.
  • October Glory Red Maple.
  • Arborvitae Green Giant.
  • River Birch.
  • Dawn Redwood.
  • Leyland Cypress.

Here are a few shrubs that can refresh your curb appeal and that do well in Florida.

  • Viburnum.
  • Allamanda Bush.
  • Angel’s Trumpet.
  • Schefflera Arboricola.
  • Azalea.
  • American Beautyberry.
  • Bougainvilleas.
  • Buddleia.

A beautiful outdoor space can make your home more enjoyable for you now and more marketable when it comes time to sell. Remember by creating a backyard living room is an easy way to add livable space to small or busy homes.

By doing so, you are freeing up your rooms and find your next favorite spot to curl up with a book or sip a morning cup of coffee- all without adding square feet through expensive add-ons. For more value-adding ideas or info about the housing market, get in touch with Discom Realty today to keep the conversation going about ‘What projects to do before you sell your home?’

Thanks for reading this blog article that discussed – What projects to do before you sell your home? We hope it helped you get some real estate questions answered. Selling a home is probably one of the biggest life decisions you will ever make. Discom Realty understands this and ready to help you every step of the way. Call us today at 407-739-2833

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